School of Leaders – September 2019

We have learned some new words in School of Leaders this summer!  It IS a School, right? 

One of those words is “Mañanitas!  Another word we knew before, but failed to appreciate, is “Charism.”  Now, why are these words important?  The Cursillo Movement in our Diocese is changing for the better – to reshape our Fourth Day to fit the original “Charism” of Eduardo Bonin – the gifts he was given by the Grace of God, and the gifts he shared with the Church in the Cursillo Movement about 75 years ago.  To meet his original vision, we are adapting our Three-Day Weekend, our Precursillo and Postcursillo in compliance with guidance from the National Cursillo Secretariat.  It is eye-opening to see how much deeper and more meaningful our Movement can be – beyond candlelight dinners and stand-up art critics!

So . . .  “Mañanitas?”  (Midwestern pronunciation:  mon -ya- nee- tas)  You’ll just have to pay attention and join the Fourth Day in an early morning (rooster-crowing early!) serenade to our newest Cursillistas on Sunday, October 27, at 7:10 a.m. at King’s House Retreat Center.  We’ve never tried this before, but, believe it or not, this is a part of the Weekend that impressed Mr. Bonin as part of the Charism of Cursillo.  Watch your “PrayersRequested” emails for details.

Our School of Leaders will meet on October 8, and November 12, 2019, at 7 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish in Freeburg, IL.   Please join your fellow Leaders in these challenges! 

Romans 1: 12:What I mean is that both you and I will be helped at the same time, you by my faith and I by yours.”

De Colores and Peace!

John I Schaberg

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