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School of Leaders – September 2019

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We have learned some new words in School of Leaders this summer!  It IS a School, right? 

One of those words is “Mañanitas!  Another word we knew before, but failed to appreciate, is “Charism.”  Now, why are these words important?  The Cursillo Movement in our Diocese is changing for the better – to reshape our Fourth Day to fit the original “Charism” of Eduardo Bonin – the gifts he was given by the Grace of God, and the gifts he shared with the Church in the Cursillo Movement about 75 years ago.  To meet his original vision, we are adapting our Three-Day Weekend, our Precursillo and Postcursillo in compliance with guidance from the National Cursillo Secretariat.  It is eye-opening to see how much deeper and more meaningful our Movement can be – beyond candlelight dinners and stand-up art critics!

So . . .  “Mañanitas?”  (Midwestern pronunciation:  mon -ya- nee- tas)  You’ll just have to pay attention and join the Fourth Day in an early morning (rooster-crowing early!) serenade to our newest Cursillistas on Sunday, October 27, at 7:10 a.m. at King’s House Retreat Center.  We’ve never tried this before, but, believe it or not, this is a part of the Weekend that impressed Mr. Bonin as part of the Charism of Cursillo.  Watch your “PrayersRequested” emails for details.

Our School of Leaders will meet on October 8, and November 12, 2019, at 7 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish in Freeburg, IL.   Please join your fellow Leaders in these challenges! 

Romans 1: 12:What I mean is that both you and I will be helped at the same time, you by my faith and I by yours.”

De Colores and Peace!

John I Schaberg

Lay Director – September 2019

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In the last Evangelizer, I mentioned new guidance being downward directed to the Cursillo Movement by Eduardo Bonin and his staff in Mallorca.  These updates are aimed at aligning the US Cursillo with the original Cursillo concepts put in place 50 years ago, which was to bring people closer to God through mutual support and friendship.    We appreciate how this strikes a sensitive cord with many of us who are very passionate about Cursillo.  We have had long and thoughtful conversations in the School of Leaders and Secretariat meetings concerning how to handle these issues. Some parts of the Weekend have been deemphasized or eliminated in favor of increased time or emphasis on other parts.  For example, we will no longer have a Cursillo theme and poster.  Cursillo is the theme and the poster is the same picture of Jesus that is in the office of Eduardo Bonin.   The Weekend will now allow more time for spiritual direction and reflection.  Plans to meet and know candidates prior to the Cursillo will be made.  Candidates will become Cursillistas and receive their crosses earlier in the Weekend to emphasize that we are all Cursillistas and one body in Christ.  Cheryl Rajski, the Rectora for the next Women’s Cursillo, which will be held October 24-27, 2019, at the King’s House, has been leading the effort to identify the new Step-by-Step procedures and how to include them in the Cursillo Weekend Schedule and activities.  

At the local level, we are in the process of moving the Weekends from the spring to the fall. Relocation to the fall was made because support from priests and deacons during Lent and Easter has been increasingly difficult.  This move has received strong support by nearly everyone.  As a part of the change in season, we also have considered a change in venue from ASC Ruma to the King’s House.  We currently have Cursillos scheduled at both the King’s House and at ASC Ruma for the fall of 2020.  Terry Kostel, the Three-Day Chair, and I have had some very positive discussions with the ASC Leadership in Ruma about hosting our Cursillos.  They have offered some good suggestions on how we can better use their facilities.  In addition, the feedback from the Women’s Cursillo, which will be held at the King’s House this October, will help to finalize the decision on location.  The Cursillo Weekend venue is still an open issue that will require further discussion.

 I ask the entire Cursillo community to keep an open mind.  The road ahead has been well thought out and approached with caution and should have a positive effect on our Cursillo program in the future. 

Love, Joy, Peace, and De Colores!

Bob McCormack

Spiritual Director – September 2019

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May God, the source of our hope, fill your hearts with peace as you believe in Him.  Romans 15:13

We all have those times in our lives when things just seem to be in turmoil, or we are preoccupied over some conflict or task that seems to use up too much of our energy.  In a fast-paced world, where taking time to slow down isn’t in keeping with meeting the demands of the day, turmoil and conflict can take hold of our daily agendas.  It is in these times when we need an example of a disciple at peace, a witness of trust.  We have such an example in Mary.  Her heart was filled with peace as she put her total trust in God.

The Second Vatican Council teaches us that Mary, “While leading an ordinary life among men, one filled with family concerns and labors, she was always, and constantly united to her Son, and cooperated singularly with the work of the Savior in a manner altogether special.” (Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, No 4.)

In this Marian month of October, we turn to Our Lady of the Rosary for her constant help and source of peace.  The rosary gives us a quick study on the Gospel of Christ, and a reminder of who brought God’s saving grace to the world.  In her life she was at peace in her unwavering care and devotion to her Son, even at the foot of the cross—without question, that’s peace in time of turmoil and conflict!  Let us never cease asking for her intercession to the one who is the Prince of Peace.  There’s Palanca in every bead.

De Colores!

Deacon Wayne