Spiritual Director – December 2014

From Fr. Gary Gummersheimer:

Dear Cursillo Family:

We often talk about “change” in varying degrees of excitement or frustration. I am guessing, that most of us like the change from daylight savings time back to standard time each fall as we gain extra hour of sleep. But I doubt if we are as happy about the start of daylight savings time in the spring because we lose an hour. But change whether we like it or not is inevitable. As we mature, our bodies change often bringing with it new aches and pains.

The Church changes as well, but often with the speed of a very slow glacier. So, I like many, were just a bit confused when the secular press seemed to think that much of the Church’s teaching in several areas was about to undergo “major” change. What the press failed to understand, and unfortunately, some church members, was that what was being dis-cussed in the Vatican, was just that – discussion; an open conversation among those gathered for the extraordinary synod about the issues that face the Church in this age. That doesn’t mean that there might not be change in the future, but it will be deliberate, with much prayer, reflection and discussion before it happens.

What does it mean to us in the pews here in Southern Illinois? It means that we have to use one of the legs of the all im-portant tripod of the weekend: STUDY. This study does not happen or makes little sense if it comes only from the secular press. We have to study the documentation that comes to us from Rome, from the Bishops of the United States. We must put this study into the proper context of the Catechism of the Church and the proclamations of earlier synods and the Vat-ican Council, then we will understand what is really being said and what direction the Church is really heading. So, dear friends study, study, study! It is the only way that we will truly know what is being said and where as a Church we are headed.

As we approach the beginning of the new Church year, the First Sunday of Advent, the festive holiday season; let us not be afraid, to say those very important words that will mark us as followers of Jesus Christ, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Peace to all! De Colores!