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School of Leaders – September 2018

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Lead your Environments to Christ!  This is what Cursillo is all about, and the School of Leaders is where we learn from each other to achieve that Ideal.  In September, we talked about the challenge we have been suffering for decades – the sins of a small minority of priests and hierarchyWhy do we remain Catholic?” is what our Environments ask of us

To whom shall we turn?  The Church is the Body of Christ, offered to us for the forgiveness of sins, and for the promise of eternal life.  If only we forgive as we are forgiven, and love as we are loved.  It is our responsibility to love and minister to those children who were abused, and to minister to the sinners who preyed on them.  But their sins do not deprive the Church of God’s love.  God is asking us to love even more!  This is a job for the 4th Day and the friends they make!

Do not hide your faces, Cursillistas!  This is Christ’s Church, and we receive the Grace of God and the prayers of Mary on behalf of the Church.  The sins of certain individuals cannot take that away.  We must continue to bring that message to our Environments and to our friends.  Make a friend, be a friend . . .  The Church will prevail against the Gates of Hell.  I want to be a part of that – – I can’t wait to see what God has in store for his children.  How can I do my part?

Our School of Leaders will meet on October 9th, November 13th and December 11th at 7:00 pm in the Parish Center of St. Joseph’s Parish in Freeburg, IL.  Please join your fellow Leaders!  And pray for all of our Priests and Bishops!

Romans 1: 12:What I mean is that both you and I will be helped at the same time, you by my faith and I by yours.”

De Colores and Peace!

John I Schaberg