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School of Leaders – December 2019

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It is a New Year!  But more significant, this Christmas Season has brought us a new child, one who was actually born some 2,020 years ago to a young, faithful, sinless woman, and a baby who was a foretold surprise to a strong, willing, silent, and hard-working stepfather!  Well, just as our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph realized how the Christ Child changed their lives forever, Christmas is really a new opportunity to welcome that child – into our hearts, into our homes, into our Moveable Square Yard, into our friend’s heart.  Events, holidays, gifts, surprises, parties – they can all disappoint the unpredictable, spiritual, but self-centered human heart.  The gift of Christmas, however, is not a one-day event, and it’s not just the birth of a new baby.  Christmas is an annual invitation to begin our new lives with Christ, His Church, and the Communion of Saints!

Have you thought about how Saints are our Leaders?  Have you realized we can’t learn holiness by ourselves, we need Jesus and his Saints to teach us and lead us into the paths of righteousness? Has it occurred to you that Leaders may be SaintsIn the School of Leaders, you may be sitting next to a Saint!! Blessed Christmas – and Blessed New Year!!!

Our School of Leaders will meet on February 11, March 10, and April 14, 2020, at 7 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish in Freeburg, IL.   Please join your fellow Leaders in faith! 

Romans 1: 12:What I mean is that both you and I will be helped at the same time, you by my faith and I by yours.”

De Colores and Peace!

John I Schaberg

Spiritual Director – December 2019

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“Let them grow together until harvest….”  Matthew 13:30

This passage reminds us of our Christian faith’s more challenging demand – being patient with one another.   As we are often painfully aware, we walk with and share lives with both those who live by faith and share our Christian values as well as with those who do not.   A challenge to be sure, but yet an opportunity at the same time.  These are opportunities to live out our baptismal call, to grow in faith, and to introduce others, by our words and actions, to the joys we have found in Jesus. 

We recognize the need for patience through the study of our environments, we grow in holiness by exercising it, and we show others the way of Christ by embracing it.  Our piety is on full display in our struggle for patience.  Our unsettled world needs us to embrace the struggle.  From patience grows humility, compassion, and peace. 

We may think of patience as a passive effort, but, as we all know, being patient with others, and the disappointments we face is often not easy – it’s hard work.  We ask for God’s grace to help us to be patient, to live in harmony with all, loving and charitably helping those in need of His care and mercy. 

The Christmas Season and the holiday festivities are now behind us.  But the Joy of a fresh awareness of God with us in the Nativity, in the Magi’s journey, and in our Lord’s own baptism lives on – May they remain through the New Year

As Cursillistas filled with renewed spirit, let us enter this new decade of 2020 with hope for a more patient, peaceful, and just world. 

De Colores! 

Deacon Wayne

Lay Director – December 2019

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Welcome to our newest Cursillistas from Belleville Women’s Cursillo #42, and a big thank you to the Cursillo Team led by Cheryl Rajski!   Women’s Cursillo #42 was the first Cursillo to be held at the King’s House Retreat Center in recent memory.  Weekend #42 was also our first Cursillo under the new Step-by-Step Guide.  Despite the new format, all reports from both the candidates and team members indicated that the Cursillo was a huge success demonstrating that we can deliver high-quality Cursillos at the King’s House.  I believe that we are the first diocese in Region IV to hold a Cursillo using the new Step-by-Step Guide.

A final decision has not been made on whether to continue using the King’s House for Cursillo weekends or return to Ruma in the Fall of 2020.  We have reservations at both places for 2020 but we are still working through the details.  

I am pleased to announce that Bernadette Charlton has been selected to join the Region IV Service Team….an excellent choice.  She will be a big asset to the Cursillo Movement in Region IV.   Bernadette welcomes your insights, comments, and suggestions on any Cursillo topic.  She will carry your input to both Regional and National Encounters and return with appropriate feedback.

Love, Joy, Peace, and De Colores!

Bob McCormack