Lay Director – March 2016

Happy Easter to you all. I sincerely prayed that each of you experienced a truly wonderful Lenten season and celebrated a Blessed Resurrection of our beloved Lord Jesus.

The two Cursillo Weekends have given us 33 new Cursillistas for the Lord to plant where He will and watch over them as they become the fruitful plants He desires. Thanks to all the team members, the staff at the Ruma Center Motherhouse, and especially to the 4th day Palanca army. Please continue to pray for dear, brave Susan Gass as she undergoes treatment for her back.

At this time our thoughts turn toward correcting anything necessary to improve our 3-day materials and prepare for our next round of weekends. If you have any constructive comments to aid in this process, please send them to me at

Our primary task as Cursillistas is to “Make a Friend – Be a Friend – and Bring that Friend to Christ.” Sponsoring someone for a Cursillo weekend is a true commitment to Christ in that you must prepare them for the Cursillo and support your candidate as they enter the 4th day community by finding them a group and introducing them to the Ultreya.

Our God of Love continues to call us to Himself through the great feast of His Divine Mercy on    April 3rd followed by His outpouring of the Holy Spirit on May 15th. May all His blessings empower you as you go forth to work in His vineyards. As Jesus said, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

God Bless, Nick Lang

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